GIFS provides our learner with constant support ensure their academic potential is achieved.
You will be supported by our very friendly and experienced administrators who are equipped to accommodate your academic needs with speed and precision.

Academic Department

For queries about uploading / downloading of assignments, general student enquiries, results enquiries, submission summaries, exams, facilitation/ invigilation/ assessment/ moderation/ verification enquiries

Operations Department

For queries about credit mappings, quotations, technical support, log in enquiries, usernames and passwords, training schedules, enrolment keys, learning material

Sales Department

We don't deliver a product we deliver an experience. For queries about our financial service offerings contact our experience sales Professionals

Finance Department

For all finance related enquiries eg quotations and invoices.

Orientation Guide

The orientation guides provide an overview and understanding of our training systems and processes.

Orientation Guide

[simple_tooltip content=’Please consult the academic administrator.’] GIFS Online e-Learning Manual[/simple_tooltip]


Resources Guide

The resources guide gives advice on how to complete activities and where to look for information related to our sector.

[simple_tooltip content=’Please consult the academic administrator.’] Resources and Information Research Guide[/simple_tooltip]

Frequently Asked Questions

Stuck on a certain process? Check out the Fequently Asked Questions page

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