WhatsApp facilitation, an engaging and effective online solution for GIFS learners

WhatsApp facilitation is an engaging, interactive platform with proven results. Using learning methods like Q&A segments, “fastest fingers first”, and other games, the learners stay focused throughout the entire session.

The interactions in an online environment allows learners to be relaxed and be themselves, with the benefit of sufficient time to work through their material with the help of WhatsApp facilitation/support. Learners are also able to go back and re-read the messages at any time.

Facilitators can continuously share informative messages, voice audio and videos to provide additional support.

There is also emerging evidence that this method of training has significant potential to support the learning process, allowing direct access to online resources, more focus on learner creativity, and responsibility for their self-learning.

Step-by-step process once you have received your login details:
1. Log in to the system
2. Download your material
3. Watch the videos and read through your learner guides
4. Make notes while watching the videos
5. Read through your Formatives and make notes on questions that require clarity
6. The above needs to be prepared for the day of WhatsApp facilitation
7. The purposes of the WhatsApp facilitation is to provide additional support after completing the above; to answer any questions regarding the content; or how to answer your Formatives
8. WhatsApp facilitation will be scheduled according to your timetable

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get added to a WhatsApp facilitation group?
The groups are managed and set up by a GIFS representative; you will be added once approval has been received.

Am I allowed to contact the facilitator privately after a session has ended?
You are more than welcome to contact the designated facilitator privately between 09:00 – 17:30 to ask questions pertaining to your course.

I ran out of data during a session and missed some of the conversation, what do I do now?
Please send a message to the designated facilitator privately, they will then send you screenshots of crucial information.

Do I need to prepare anything prior to the session?
Before the facilitation begins, the facilitator will send a message to the group advising the learners if there is material or research that needs to be done in preparation for the facilitation.

Is there anything I need to have available for the WhatsApp facilitation?
Please have your Learner Guides, Learner Work file (Formative Assessment), a notebook and pen ready, and a positive attitude.

Are there breaks during the facilitation?
Lunch and tea breaks will take place throughout the day.