WATCH: Nox Dlamini shares her success secrets with us!

As far as excitement levels go, today registered way off the charts! GIFSters were super-amped to have thee Nox Dlamini – young industry trailblazer, business owner and Winner of The Insurance Apprentice 2018, join us for GIFS Youth Week.

Nox shared her ups and downs, challenges and wins, and the hurdles and lessons she experienced in her journey to success. This vibrant go-getter now has her own business, and is the Managing Director of XonRisk (Pty) Ltd!

Nox is passionate about the African Insurance Agenda and is actively involved in trying to reduce the protection gap. She is strongly motivated by youth development and female empowerment within the insurance industry.

Nox began XonRisk to make insurance accessible for businesses and individuals to everyone. XonRisk seeks to empower SME’s with practical risk knowledge so that they can build sustainable businesses.

The bubbly entrepreneur packed a powerful punch, sharing advice and success secrets to encourage GIFSters to chase their dreams and never give up.

What an incredible inspiration you are, Nox!

24 June 2021