The challenge is on: GIFS welcomes Santam Warriors!

Welcome to our island. Your adventure starts now! The Graduate Institute of Financial Sciences (GIFS) and South Africa’s the largest short-term insurer Santam, have teamed up to offer 55 school-leavers the chance to embark on an incredible short-term insurance journey.

There will be danger. There will be excitement. There will be challenges. But there will also be rewards and immunity, and if they play the game well, these yellow-and-green Santam Warriors will emerge triumphant and victorious!

“With GIFS, it’s never ‘learning as usual’. We don’t believe in bland, uninspiring learning journeys. Instead, interactivity is key,” explains Dr Kershen Pillay, CEO of GIFS. “Our Survivor theme will make learning fun for Santam’s learners over the next year, and we can’t wait to welcome the 55 Santam Warriors around the campfire to get started.”

As the financial services space can appear rugged, and even inhospitable to school-leavers, GIFS has designed this programme to empower them with the skills, knowledge and competencies to successfully navigate the industry.

“It’s game on and it promises to be exhilarating!” says Dr. Pillay. “We’re big on personalisation – it’s one of the things our green team does really well. So, we’ve customized the NQF 4 Short-Term Insurance programme by infusing it with Santam’s products and DNA. We’ve also assimilated Santam’s technical skills programme, the Effective Way of Learning (#EWOW), that serves as a form of Survivor immunity against the challenges and hurdles that school-leavers will face when they enter the working world.”

As part of this #AlwaysBetterWithYellowAndGreen tailored offering to Santam, GIFS has woven in critical soft skills learning that includes client etiquette, business etiquette and time management that are now considered non-negotiables for today’s tech-driven, highly digitised realities.

The Tribal Council meets for Day 1 of the adventure on 10 March 2021.

#EWOW #AlwaysBetterWithYellowAndGreen

09 March 2021