How the Insurance Institute of Gauteng is intentional about assisting young graduates

As a partner to numerous industry organisations, we are privileged to have a bird’s eye view of what industry is doing to affirm young people. One of our associations is with the Insurance Institute of Gauteng, known commonly as the IIG. Over the years, we’ve collaborated to assist young people. In 2024, we’re proud to deliver the Information Systems and Technology (IST) Graduate Programme once more.

The IIG reached out for us to create a bespoke programme to assist young IST grads to boost their skills to help them make progress in their careers. This year’s first cohort is already immersing themselves in the programme. As graduates from previous years have shared, there are limited opportunities for young people to boost their career opportunities beyond a defined area. However, that’s where the IST Graduate Programme comes in.  It allows young graduates an opportunity to combine tech smarts with mindfulness, among other areas of work that the course exposes them to. The end result is an IST graduate who possesses skills that extend far beyond their initial scope, placing them in prime positions to be considered for upward mobility.

This partnership with the IIG has meant that we’ve come up with a programme that bridges the gap between the technical proficiency of young people in our industry with the need to upskill them so they’re able to expand their experience and explore opportunities outside their areas of competence.



13 June 2024