Gwen’s story: education is inspiration

So many things motivate us, here at GIFS.  We genuinely believe that we can build a better Africa through education; we are inspired by the resilience and tenacity of our country’s people; and we are driven by the passion of young South Africans to make a difference.

One of the most rewarding things, is witnessing how learning and development transform the lives of our graduates. It’s these feel-good stories that propel us to do more, tear down barriers, find or create more opportunities, redefine rules and invent new ones.

We recently heard back from Gwen Papo, a young go-getter from Gauteng whose life changed in November 2019. The 26-year old was among 30 aspirant youth selected for the Legends in Training Programme (LIT2019). This skills development initiative, spearheaded by GIFS and Constantia Insurance, re-energised the insurance industry by embracing and empowering new, passionate young talent. GIFS designed an accredited Short-Term Insurance qualification so Gwen and the other learners could enter the industry armed with the relevant skills, competencies, and qualification.A year ago, Gwen Papo was a young man with big dreams. Today, the Vosloorus resident has a full-time job in Sales and New Business at Tshepo Hope Funeral Services. He is also planning to do his PhD in Short-Term Insurance!

Looking back, he says, “The (Short-Term Insurance) programme was challenging but an eye-opener. I am a whole new, different person now. I feel like a million bucks! I’m happy that I didn’t quit when it was tough.”
Learning to embrace challenges, remaining committed to the work on hand, and making a few sacrifices to reach his goal, were some of the invaluable life – and corporate – lessons Gwen learned along the way
“The pressure was on another level, but I ended up enjoying it. Not only did I get my certificate but also the experience in the field was amazing. I benefitted a lot of insight on a number of corporate issues.”
His advice to other young people is to always remain upbeat and always work hard towards your goals. “My motto is simple really: NEVER let negativity
infiltrate your spirit. What I mean is that you shouldn’t give up on your dreams. Always have a positive outlook on life and everything will work out for the best.”

We are always deeply moved by real-life success stories like Gwen’s. They speak to Nelson Mandela’s wisdom (that powers everything we do): “Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.”

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19 November 2020