GIFS Youth Week: tackling the past, planning the future and making the present count!

As an organisation run by the youth for the youth, we round off GIFS Youth Week today with GIFSters sharing messages of hope and encouragement with fellow South African youth during these trying times #GIFS #greenteam #GIFSyouth

45-years after young Hector Pieterson became the iconic, poignant symbol behind Youth Day, SA youth are facing new, unprecedented challenges with spiking unemployment, a questionable education system, rampant crime and corruption, and a pandemic that’s taking its toll on society and our economy.

GIFS Youth Week kicked off with a journey into the past, to relive the heart-breaking events of 16 June 1976 when Pieterson, as a young teenager, tragically changed the course of history. GIFSters spent the next four days thinking, doing, learning, planning, and helping…as we work on our vision to create a better Africa for others to inherit.

One of the highlights of the week was having Nox Dlamini, Winner of The Insurance Apprentice 2018, join us to share the ups and downs, challenges and wins, hurdles and lessons she experienced along her journey to success. The young trailblazer, entrepreneur and business owner shared her winning secrets and encouraged GIFSters to pursue their dreams and never give up hope.

GIFSters also presented their GIFS Youth Manifesto, containing three points that they fully commit to as the youth of SA. Then, it was time to share a “one word message of hope and encouragement” with fellow South African youth….

25 June 2021