Flourish in a post-pandemic environment: GIFS CEO in FIA Insight magazine

The financial services playing field has been dramatically altered by the pandemic, and so too the skills required to flourish in a post-pandemic environment, says GIFS CEO Kershen Pillay in the latest FIA Insight magazine. 

The arrival of COVID-19 has certainly highlighted the need for companies and societies to modernise and adapt to an environment that no-one could have predicted, but for which a few early adopters of technologies and modern systems were already somehow prepared. Or, to be fair, more prepared than others, Pillay explains in the article.

“We have long championed educational programmes that focus on the 4IR and all it entails. For higher education to deliver future generations with the right set of skills and knowledge, we must first address how we as educators will be affected by 4IR, and then how it will impact what we offer to students and the medium in which it will be taught,” he says.

Problem-solving, financial literacy, digital literacy, teamwork, marketing, and presentation skills, are among a range of skills that hinge on the importance of adaptability. These skills will become increasingly pivotal as the 4IR continues to infiltrate and shake up our daily lives, says Pillay.

Read the full article on p.36 in FIA Insight.