WATCH: A spook-tacular Halloween performance from JHB GIFSters!

It was a dark and stormy night when a hair-raising screech pierced the air, sending shivers of terror across the land….

Actually, it was a sweltering you-could-fry-an-egg-on-the-pavement kind of day in Joburg and the only shivers rippling through our office were those of excitement!

Hot on the heels of our Heritage Day Jerusalema Dance-off, the green team squared up for another inter-city contest, this time for a Halloween Thriller Challenge.

Both teams delivered a fang-tastic, scream-worthy performance but the Joburg squad sealed the deal with a vampire kiss – and a boo-tifully amazing, spine-chilling production!

Congrats guys…er, sorry… congrats ghouls and ghosts! You guys were spook-tacular!


But not everything that goes bump in the night is dark and spooky. Some of them are hauntingly boo-tiful, in a wow-but-creepy kind of way!

Congrats to GIFSters – Tamera Gobadan, Christina Jenkins and Zinzi Mnyabiso – who cast a spell on the judges by channelling their inner zombies. The macabre trio won the GIFS Halloween costume competition! Here’s why….

Tamera “Annabelle” Gobadan

Christina “Zombie” Jenkins

Zinzi “Cruella” Mnyabiso

31 October 2020