5 cool reasons to love our new Online Exams

Let’s face it, exams can be stressful. But GIFS’ new online exams have some pretty cool features that makes the experience fun (bet you never thought “exam” and “fun” could be used in the same sentence!).

Safe and convenient

PJs, a tiara, your fave OOTD, or your fluffy slippers. There is no dress code for our exams. Simply wear what you’re comfy with. Because you’ll be writing in the comfort of your own safe space – wherever that may be – you’ll be calmer and in a better frame of mind for the exams. Also, no distraction is an added plus.

Step into future

Ever watched sci-fi movies and wonder what it’ll be like to live in a nifty world like that? GIFS’ online exams, with its Artificial Intelligence experience, offers you amazing advancements in technology. The future is here. You’re just a click away from being in your own sci-fi film!

Say goodbye to sore fingers

With almost everything now just a click, tap, type, or a touch-screen away, you’d think that tackling an exam with a pen would be less common. With the GIFS online exam experience, you can say goodbye to sore, achy fingers (a side-effect of writing volumes). Everything is typed out. Easy to correct errors. Quick to translate your thoughts, and less painful, crampy hands.

Help every step of the way

We did all our homework so we could get you the best state-of-the-art, international academic software tools available. The GIFS’ online exam platform is exciting and has very little room for confusion. Not sure what to do? Puzzling over the next step? The system “holds your hand” throughout, with clear prompts and instructions.

No more boring

Remember exam days in school? Those black-and-white question papers, the invigilator who stared you down if you just as much as shuffled in your seat or bent down to pick up your pen? Remember those long excruciating minutes you had to sit through after you’d finished your paper because you couldn’t leave?  None of that with the GIFS online exam experience. Just you, a world-class platform, cool tools, and a relaxed, interactive experience!

03 May 2021