SAQA 91784:

QCTO Occupational Certificate Insurance, Level 5

NQF Level 5 | NLRD ID: 91784

Who will benefit from the programme?

The Occupational Certificate for Insurance Agents prepares a learner to evaluate and interpret information to protect stakeholders’ interests by using specialist technical knowledge to determine, price, manage and transfer risk.

Programme Structure

This qualification is made up of the following compulsory Knowledge and Practical Skill Modules pitched at an NQF Level 5 and broken n down into 48 credits of Knowledge Modules, 40 credits of Practical Skill Modules and 68 credits of Work Experience Modules.

Admission Requirements

The minimum entry requirements for admission are:

Articulation: Learners with this qualification should be able to articulate vertically to an Advanced Certificate or a Diploma at NQF Level 6 in any of the related areas, such as finance, selling, real estate, insurance. Vertically, they should be able to articulate with any other qualification at NQF Level 5 with cross-cutting credits in the Knowledge Specifications.

Assessment of Participants

Assessment is both formative and summative and includes:

Occupational Group

The profession exists in all the major sub-sectors; Short term, Long term and medical and professional bodies and expert practitioners from all sub-sectors and professional bodies (IISA and ASISA) were therefore asked to participate in development. The resultant qualification is thus broad enough to represent all three sub-sectors.

Learning Outcomes