SAQA 49835:

FETC Retail Insurance, Level 4

NQF Level 4 | NLRD ID: 49835

Who will benefit from the programme?

The FETC: Retail Insurance is designed to meet the needs of individuals who do not necessarily work in the insurance sector but who earn commission from the sale of insurance or Financial Service products. Learners may be employed in a variety of positions in retail outlets across several different industries. The Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS) (Act 37 of 2002) imposes licensing requirements in terms of the Fit and Proper determination of the Financial Services Board (FSB). Learners who offer combinations of Long-Term and Short-Term insurance as subsidiary products or services are construed to be giving financial advice. They are therefore required to be licensed with the Financial Services Board.

Programme Structure

The curriculum is aligned to the Further Education & Training Certificate: Retail Insurance 49835 with a total credit value of 140 credits. The programme consists of Fundamentals (68 credits), Core (58 credits) and Electives (14 credits). This may vary based on the individual or company’s needs and is available in 30 credit skill blocks. The programme is presented via lectures, group discussions, case studies and role-plays at NQF Level 4.

Admission Requirements

The minimum entry requirements for admission are:

Articulation: Any relevant NQF Level 5 qualification.

To complete the programme successfully, and be awarded a certificate, learners must be found competent in all aspects of the summative assessment according to requirements listed in the relevant student handbook.


Assessment is both formative and summative and includes:

Occupational Group

Travel agents, Telemarketers, Finance and Insurance Managers in motor dealerships and salespeople who insure packaged goods. Agents who insure household goods in transit, individuals involved in the sale of furniture and electrical appliances, persons who work in the credit card insurance industry, employees in retail outlets who run accounts, in-store cards or debtors books and who sell debt protection insurance,  estate agents who offer credit life cover and life cover for owners of bonds and rentals Aviation/Marine management agents, and people who recommend insurance or give advice managing agents who advise on insurance for Sectional Title Schemes.

Learning Outcomes