The Future of Education

Ethical Leadership

We’re a month into the year and things are moving fast. With various challenges plaguing our country, it’s time to get together and come up with collective action. That’s why we’re proud to extend a personal invitation to you to our exclusive event where we want you to pause 2024. Yes, that’s right. Pause. We want to take a moment to gather our thoughts on how we can reimagine our sector.

As a financial services industry thought leader, the Graduate Institute of Financial Sciences will be hosting this thought-provoking discussion on The Future of Education: Breakfast with Leaders.

We’re bringing together industry leaders for this in-person event at the The Maslow Hotel Sandton on 31 January 2024. Our focus this year will be on Ethical Leadership.

Given that it’s the start of the academic year, as well as the various discussions that are unfolding on how to overcome challenges experienced in our sector, there’s no better time to pause and reflect. And we’d like you to be in the front row.

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