Meet Our Lecturers

We believe that learning pathways are based on building solid relationships. This is why we are fastidious in handpicking our lecturers. They have great people skills; they understand the value of creating an environment suitable to knowledge-exchange; they are adaptable, relatable, and fun! Plus, they are experts in their fields, with nearly 80 years of experience among them.

Jeanette Hobson

With four decades of Education, Learning and Development, Jeanette is somewhat of a legend within the Financial Services Sector, known for pouring her heart and soul into teaching, developing, guiding, and coaching each learner. Starting out as a teacher, Jeanette took her passion for education into the corporate world in (date), notching up a string of notable achievements within the industry most notably heading up the Momentum Academy. “Becoming a life-long friend to many of my learners, being called Mum by so many of them are among the many reasons why I love what I do. I am honoured for these blessings in my life. Cannot wait for another day to witness the difference and growth in people’s lives.”

Teaching style

“I am a firm believer that the potential of every learner should be unlocked with their unique key. Practically, this means that my learning style changes to the style of my individual learner. Learning to be available anywhere, anytime and in the learners preferred style. Learning therefore learner driven, we need to prepare the soil and create excitement for these seeds to grow.”

Living her passion

Jeanette spent more than a decade immersed in graduate development right from the recruitment stage. “It was during this time that I met a very disadvantaged learner on campus in Soweto many years ago. Immediately spotted the potential and also realised that he needed more than just the normal. I took him on board, provided him with a coach and mentor and also stayed close to him with constant and uplifting feedback and guidance. He was extremely hungry for growth and grabbed every possible opportunity to grow and develop. Looking at him today is remarkable. He is a great asset to his current employer and his community, well-rounded family man.”



Dr Aarti Mahabeer

Head of Academics at GIFS, Aarti has a PHD on Business Administration with a solid background in psychology. She is also an assessor and moderator with Services SETA, INSETA, WRSETA, LGSETA, BANKSETA and ETDP. Aarti thrives in the dynamic, evolving and legislative-driven structures of the industry.

Teaching style

Learners who have had the privilege of being under Aarti’s careful guidance love her unique blend of a different teaching styles. “In facilitation, there is no one size fits all. Each group is different, and a facilitator must be flexible and adaptable to move and transit between a multitude of facilitation styles to be effective.”

Living her passion

Aarti’s been fuelling her passion for tutoring and teaching for 20 years and she has since helped empower thousands of learners with knowledge and competencies within the Financial Services sector. “I love what I do as I am fulfilling my life’s purpose, to grow, motivate and inspire youth through a powerful medium of education. Changing learners live for the better, getting them to a position of being employable and tackling one of the country’s greatest issues – unemployment - one learner at a time.”