Learn, Progress, Ignite 2019

#LPI19 will see 10 individuals tapping into the minds of some of the industry’s foremost leaders, receiving invaluable advice and personal mentoring.

Last year, IIKZN and GIFS changed the lives of 10 high-performers within the insurance industry through the PUMP programme. This year, we’re doing it again! #LPI19 will see 10 individuals tapping into the minds of some of the industry’s foremost leaders, receiving invaluable advice and personal mentoring. An extraordinary opportunity for those serious about a career in insurance. Just 10 spaces available. Enter via the below form. Closing date:

We are changing lives with LPI19!

At GIFS, we are passionate about building economic pathways for young people who love the Financial Services Sector. We’re not talking about the kind of individuals who got into the industry by default and who want a comfy corner to ride out their days to retirement. We are talking about young people who are fuelled by passion and purpose; individuals who joined the financial services space because they have a fiery enthusiasm for making a difference; people who are thirsty for a dynamic, successful, sexy career in the fastest-growing industry in the world. These are our type of people and we are deeply committed to helping grow their wings and make them soar!

This is why we have partnered with the Insurance Institute of KwaZulu-Natal (IIKZN) for #LPI19 (Learn, Progress, Ignite). Remember how we changed the lives of 10 young people last year during the PUMP (Pop Up Mentorship Programme) initiative with IIKZN? Well, #LPI19 serves the same purpose, under a different name.

It’s an intensive six-month programme (June – November 2019) that sees 10 mentees growing and thriving under the careful guidance, support and coaching of some of the insurance industry’s finest minds.

“Imparting key skills and knowledge to empower young individuals who are passionate about the insurance industry is a great way to encourage mobility through ideas and innovation,” explains GIFS CEO, Kershen Pillay. “We are deeply committed to using education to create a better Africa for others to inherit, and we believe there is no greater change-agent than impactful youth education.”

In addition to each mentee being paired with a mentor, #LPI19 provides holistic knowledge and skills-development to the mentees through six in-depth sessions with leading experts. They will receive essential tools and advice on a range of topics including the importance of building a personal brand, how to behave professionally, business analysis, how to manage and protect personal finances, how to use social media effectively, FSCA consumer education, tools to help deal with conflict and how to maintain a work-life balance.

GIFS first rolled out this initiative last year, when we teamed up with the IIKZN for the Pop Up Mentorship Programme (PUMP). IIKZN President, Karusha Naicker, says the pilot project focused on engaging with the youth in the insurance industry to help build their careers. “This initiative would not have been possible without the partnership of GIFS, who believed in our vision and made every effort to make a success of this programme. Their invaluable and generous contribution has made it possible for the IIZKN to make a difference in the lives of the individuals that participated and will continue to participate in the programme. We are extremely proud and honoured of this partnership with GIFS,” explains Naicker.

This is such an incredible journey for both mentees and mentors! We’ll keep you updated on our Facebook page and right here on our website until the #LPI19 ends in November.