IST Corporate Leaders

Michelle Ashen

Professional Coach, MBSR Practitioner, Licensed Insights Partner, Founder of non-profit organisation Africans United & Head of Sales Strategy, Marketing & Corporate Affairs for MUA Insurance Acceptances (Pty) Ltd.

“This program is covering areas of mindfulness and resilience as well as a macro-overview of the Short-Term insurance industry which will equip graduates with the literacy and understanding that insurance touches everything, is influenced by everything and has the ability to influence in return by the choices we make as individual contributors that form part of the collective.”

Micky Maharaj

Chief Operating Officer @ OUTsurance Shared Services

“The holistic learning approach in the IST Graduate Programme is welcomed in this era where the demand is greater for generalists rather than specialists.”

Christelle Colman

Managing Director: Elite Risk

Simon Colman

Business Head of Digital and Financial lines at SHA Risk Specialists within the specialist business unit at Santam