YOU are the panacea to the corruption pandemic

Johannesburg, 10 October 2022: Staggering unemployment, and the group most impacted is young South Africans. Who’s to blame? Most would point a finger to corrupt elements in all tiers of society. The Graduate Institute of Financial Sciences (GIFS) is interested in solutions.

CEO Dr Kershen Pillay explained this is why he moderates a regular online session aimed at encouraging South Africans to be part of the solution to South African challenges. “One of my favourite Madiba quotes has the late great leader talking about how we should use our time on earth to transform the country to what we desire it to be,” said Pillay. He recently hosted an Insurance Institute of Gauteng Insights discussion on what ordinary people can do to end corruption. And the outcome was not what you’d expect it to be.

Panellists were Mr Verne Harris, who was Madiba’s archivist, among his accomplishments and Professor Bheki Mngomezulu, well-known commentator who’s accustomed to speaking truth to power. Harris drew gasps from the thousand-strong online audience when he recounted how systemic corruption in South Africa has its roots in apartheid, specifically during the handover to democracy. Mngomezulu also raised eyebrows when he explained that incompetence isn’t corruption but can be an enabler to it. Mngomezulu sagely added, “It takes two to tango.” He pointed to numerous cases of leaders who were installed despite common knowledge of their transgressions, adding that people expect miraculous and ridiculous character change despite leaders having previously indicated their nature to be corrupt and easily swayed.

Pillay ended by challenging audience to stand firm against corruption, no matter how small the transgression. “If someone blows the whistle, support them however you can,” adding that if we pull together as ordinary South Africans, we can influence the change we want to see. It will not be overnight, but it’ll be worth it for future generations’ prosperity.

Watch the full discussion here:

10 October 2022