WSP and ATR deadline: 30 April 21

It’s crunch time if you’re hoping to secure skills and development funding (and claim back from SARS). The deadline for WSP and ATR submission to INSETA is 30 April 21.

Before finalising funding allocations, INSETA needs to see your WSP and ATR to confirm that your organisation is serious about empowering its people to allow them, and the company, to grow. If you miss the month-end deadline, you will lose the opportunity to apply for INSETA funding.

You are probably aware that companies are required to pay 1% of their annual payroll to SARS as a Skills Development Levy (SDL). If your organisation completes its WSP and ATR and achieves 70% of its training plans, then it can claim 20% of the 1% of its SDL payment. So it pays to submit your WSP and ATR on time!

However, WSP and ATR submissions are time-consuming and resource-heavy. Not for GIFS’ clients, though. As a value-add, we connect them to an external SDF who handles the submissions for them.

If you are committed to firming up your talent pipeline and would like to be better positioned to secure INSETA funding (and be rewarded by SARS), check out our range of online insurance programmes or contact our #greenteam at [email protected].

15 April 2021