With all the focus on SA sport, let us sign you up to become a Corporate Athlete

In a competitive jobs’ market, how do you ensure you’re a standout candidate, especially if you aren’t used to marketing yourself?

You know who we’re talking about. Hint: It’s the Information Systems and Technology (IST) graduates who are tech boffins but may need support in promoting themselves and improving their skillsets in order to climb the career ladder.

When the Insurance Institute of Gauteng (IIG) tasked us with coming up with an accredited course at NQF-7 level that would not only upskill IST grads but help them distinguish themselves from others, we were excited. It’s a total challenge. Most courses for IST graduates in insurance services focus on improving basic info-tech knowledge.

Our bespoke IST programme combines theory, practical application and, most importantly, emphasis on building the complete IST package: the corporate athlete whose IT acumen is matched by their EQ. Their ability to read situations in the workplace transcends IT knowledge and shows their promise to be leaders in the near future.

We consulted widely and are proud of what we’re offering as the IIG IST Graduate Programme. All we need is for insurance companies to identify those IST graduates who show promise and then sign them up. We’ll harness their innate IT ability and pair it with revolutionary ideas on what corporate athletes of the future must have in their skillset. You just need to run through the modules to understand the fundamental differences between what we’re offering and what’s available in the market currently. It’s the difference between moulding a champion corporate athlete who’ll be given the skills to navigate the changing world of work, and cookie cutter graduates who’ll walk away with course notes and a certificate.

Here are fast facts about the programme:

There are just 20 spots on the course and applications close on 30 November 2023.

You’ll find application criteria here: IST Graduate Programme 2023/24 Applications – GIFS

07 November 2023