We’re switching to remote work for a bit

With the 3rd Wave of COVID-19 sweeping across SA, it simply isn’t safe for us – and, by association, all our clients, learners and loved ones – to be in the office right now. So, we are shifting gear to remote work.

This is just a temporary move, and we will head back to our green office home when it is safe again. Until then, we are still working; we are still on email, and we can still connect on our phones.

We are still available for online meetings and strat sessions, and we can still roll up our sleeves and jump right in to help and support you when you need us – and if you’d just like a quick catch-up chat over a virtual cup of coffee, we can do that too!

You can contact GIFSters directly if you have their email addresses or cellphone numbers, or, if you have a general enquiry, please mail [email protected]

Take care, and be safe too.

The GIFSters

28 June 2021