WATCH: You need these skills for the future insurance workplace

A digital evolution is underway. We are already seeing changes within SA’s insurance sector. But how will workspaces look in a few years when the full impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is being felt?

What will you need to know to do your job? What skills will you need to thrive and flourish? What competencies will be a “must-have” to be successful in a digitally transformed insurance environment?

Will you still be relevant for the future?

These are the questions that our esteemed panel addressed in our IIG Insights Session today. The discussion highlighted the growing demand for tech-driven roles like data science, data analytics and cybersecurity but noted that the insurance industry also needs individuals with advanced emotional intelligence, communications skills, problem-solving and critical thinking to thrive in 4IR.

Panellists included prominent leaders within SA’s insurance space:

  • Sean Naidoo, Executive Head: Enablement and Change – Insurance (ARO)
  • Frans Kutumela, Head: Leadership & People Development, Santam
  • Moderator: Dr Kershen Pillay, CEO of the Graduate Institute of Financial Sciences (GIFS)


Here is the full recording of the session where our experts shed light on the skills and competencies needed for the future insurance workspace:

04 August 2021