WATCH: GIFS #StudentsNightOff hits the right notes!

Talk about a vibe! LOLs, head-bobbing, ROFLs, singing along, and plenty of foot-tapping made our #StudentsNightOff a (virtual) event to remember! For GIFS Alumni, it was a chance to let off some steam, sit back and relax, and let two of SA’s top entertainers lead an hour of stress-busting relief!

Jason Goliath, one of SA’s funniest comedians and the undisputed holder of The Strangely Sexy Fat Guy title, rocked our green stage, spreading belly laughs and giggles. Jason is a giant on the stand-up comedy scene, having worked with American funnyman and Hollywood star, Kevin Hart, and playing to sold-out shows in Canada and Switzerland. He also has his own TV show and a new one on the way, so we are thrilled that he said yes to our invitation!

While Jason had our tummies in stitches, singer and songwriter, Jéan Citto, strummed his way into our hearts with songs we could sing along to! This talented young man is also no stranger to TV, having competed in The Voice SA and wowing fans on silver screens across the county.

Check out Jéan in action – and we dare you to try not to singalong!


18 November 2021