Update from Kershen Pillay, Use this time for growth

In October last year at the Insurance Institute of Gauteng (IIG) Annual Dinner, we launched the “Leading in the 4IR” initiative. The message was clear. The way we work is changing and it is going to change rapidly due mainly to the evolution of technology, but also because of societal pressures. We encouraged South Africans to pursue qualifications that will prepare them for this new future, the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, or 4IR.

Businesses and individuals who were busy implementing measures to adapt to the 4IR  before the pandemic hit, were better placed to handle the pressures that came with it. The pandemic has fast-tracked the advance of the 4IR, but it has also highlighted the need for companies to prepare for a future that increasingly calls for technological literacy and operational flexibility.

It is now vital for all businesses, SMEs to multi-national corporations, to equip themselves and learn as much as possible. Adaptability is key, which may call for a complete cultural shift within a company.

Use the free applications and services available to improve efficiency if you are managing teams from home. Tools like an electronic personal assistant, or an app that tracks teams working remotely can be invaluable.

Now is the time to upskill and develop your career. Learn the skills necessary to survive, to future-proof your career. As of now, the future is a lot closer than we think.

Kershen Pillay

9 April 2020