Why Middle Managers are Superstar Change Agents!

Think back to before COVID-19 when life had definite rhythm and flow. Back then, middle managers were the change pacesetters, bridging the gap between top-level management and frontline individuals. They were the doers and smooth-over-ers, the translators of goals into actions, the drivers of deliverables. Now, with many businesses operating remotely and others phasing-in on-site operations, middle managers must brace for superstardom!

So, if you were thinking about stepping up into middle management or enhancing your role in middle management, now is the perfect time to empower yourself with a National Certificate Generic Management (NQF 5). Our accredited National Certificate Generic Management programme is popular among professionals within the SA financial services sector.


Strong social networks

If anyone can help steer frontline teams with confidence during uncertainty, it’s middle managers with their strong in-house social networks. In most cases, middle managers have worked their way from the frontlines into their current roles, forging deep bonds along the way. Among the competencies that the National Certificate Generic Management programme offers, is relationship-building and soft skills – essential to address the many changes taking place in global business.


Help manage change during and post COVID-19

Change can cause distress and uncertainty. Middle managers are perfectly positioned to use their relationships with employees to encourage and implement change. Our National Certificate Generic Management qualification includes knowledge and competencies on how to build relationships and lead teams in an agile business environment while applying sound principles of finance, knowledge management and business ethics within internal and external regulatory frameworks.


Agile and adaptable

A National Certificate Generic Management qualification allows learners to transfer between various specialisations within management. It looks great on your CV and improves your career prospects. From top-line management’s perspective, graduates have enhanced management competencies allowing them to successfully manage systems, processes, resources, supervisors and teams in a range of contexts.


An all-round business A-lister

A National Certificate Generic Management qualification trains Middle Managers to achieve the following:

  • Client satisfaction
  • Company growth
  • Workplace wellbeing
  • People retention


With so much uncertainty in the world of business, organisations need strong middle managers to smooth over rough edges and ensure goals are met. A National Certificate Generic Management qualification ensures you remain relevant and continue to contribute meaningfully to the dynamic Financial Services Sector.

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26 August 2020