Project Madiba: a vehicle to upskill young people and turn Africa’s fortunes around

In 2024, Nelson Mandela would have turned 106. And his vision is needed now, more than ever. What we’re doing as an organisation to ensure we leave Africa better off than we found her is rolling out Project Madiba. We need to find our way back to the spirit of cohesion that swept us all 30-years ago. It was pure Madiba magic.

GIFS CEO Dr Kershen Pillay launched Project Madiba at the Future of Leadership Summit in Sandton in May 2024. It calls on business leaders to take intentional action towards assisting young people. The word intentional here is important because what Project Madiba asks of you as a leader in society is to contribute your assistance towards helping young people. It’s not a massive monetary ask, nor does it require you to sacrifice a great deal of time. It’s a small, achievable ask that grows incrementally in impact.

What we’re hoping will happen is that business leaders will place Education at the top of their agenda and commit to using Education as a tool to change this country for the better.  The idea is that we’ll bring about system-wide transformation through Project Madiba, which in turn will lead to more job opportunities for young people and will attract foreign direct investment.

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19 June 2024