Love and LOLs! GIFSters spread the love on Valentine’s Day.

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a hopeless sceptic, grab some popcorn or a quick cuppa and check out the fun we had for Valentine’s Day! Love – and a whole lot of craziness – was in the air when GIFSters accepted the challenge to write their own Valentine’s Day poems!

But there was a catch. (Of course there had to be! Because love is full of ups and downs, right?)

Their little works of art had to be no more than 30 words. Plus, they had to include the words “love” and “green”.

Entries flew in like Cupid on a mission. The judges crushed on the creativity, the craziness and the downright absurd! But in the end, there could be only one winner.

Congrats to our IST Business Partner, Rhyan, who clinched first prize, wowing the judges with this rather sultry entry-with-a-green-twist :

The Moon by Rhyan Nair  Winner

Scarred skin, Melanin soaking in.

You’re perfect

Tough exterior, in green she looks good

Soft personality, her confidence shines through

You’re worth it.

I wanted a soulmate, I never thought it would be you.

My hunger and fears evaporate, when you come my way.


You make everything special in your own way.

Your star status, you earned it. I love it!

My taste buds salivate at the thought of your embrace.

Salt, pepper and paprika I sprinkle for taste.


You take me to the moon like Apollo

Thank you for being you. Avocado.


Brand Manager, Christina, sashayed into the 1st Runner-Up spot with her heartfelt entry about the #greenteam:

Poem by Christine Jenkins 1st Runner Up

GIFS is my home

With family and love,

Friends every day

Send from God above.

We love and respect

We care and we work,

Culture activities too

Incorporating the twerk.

Videos to watch

Dances to dance,

The Green Team together

Making a stance!


And, the all-girl finance team summed up the Top Three. Nerisha Parasnath (Manager), Lungile Mhlanga (Accountant), and Maggie Koomkaran (Administrator) stunned with this gem:
Poem by the Finance team 2nd Runner Up

Our blood is green,

We keep our financials clean,

So stay tuned to your screen ,

While we shoot the next scene,

With love from the Finance Team


Congrats to everyone who entered! You were great green sports!

14 February 2021