GIFSters recognised for going above and beyond

Being a GIFSter is a calling. When we recruit, as much as we look for people who are the most skilled at what they do, we’re big on heart. Annually, we roll out the red carpet to honour those GIFSters who go above and beyond consistently. Here’s a look at the best of our best for 2023:

CEO’s Choice Award

While our CEO makes the final call in this category, we were so pleased when clients asked to have a say in nominating contenders for this illustrious prize. Audit Manager Tamera Naidoo scooped the biggest accolade following feedback about her dedication from both fellow GIFSters as well as our clients. Care, integrity, passion and commitment were some of the words used in the nominations for her. Congratulations Tamera. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

People’s Choice Award and Fast Growth Award

We all have that person at work who makes being at the office a marvelous experience because of their can-do attitude, great workplace energy and superb professionalism. The recipient of the 2023 People’s Choice Award and Fast Growth Award was Sandy Brijlall, our Auditor. Congratulations Sandy.  Please continue to be an inspiration to GIFSters when it comes to having a sunny disposition and being a joy to be around!

Fast Growth Award

Evan Prakasim, our Online Invigilator, was adjudicated by the executive committee as another recipient of the Fast Growth Award. His can-do attitude, willingness to learn, willingness to self-correct and warm nature were all raised as reasons for his nomination. Congratulations Evan! Please continue being a role model for other young GIFSters!

Culture Award

The 2023 GIFS’ Culture Award was bestowed upon Programme Officer Zakithi Biyela. She has consistently displayed commitment to living GIFS’ values. She also sets the bar high when it comes to getting immersed in GIFS’ culture and has the ability to inspire colleagues with her commitment to delivering outstanding output. It was for these reasons that Zakithi was the unanimous winner of the 2023 GIFS’ Culture Award. Congratulations Zakithi. We know you’ll continue being a proud brand ambassador!

14 December 2023