Johannesburg, 11 November 2022: The cliché is that December isn’t a month, it’s a lifestyle. It’s all over social media. People are gearing up for a fabulous festive season. It’s the first one in a few years where we can let our hair down (and our masks) and have a rocking good time. But we all know social media isn’t a mirror to real life.

Reality is that there are 46 days left until 2023. Deadlines are being chased. Performance agreement targets are being stretched and life is happening at breakneck speed. Oh and in some cases, exams and assessments are also key on the to-do list.

Enter GIFS.

The ‘thing’ about GIFS is that the institute cares for the wellbeing of students, lecturers, staff and support teams. Where else would you get access to a renowned comedian to help you unwind a few days before you write exams? Cue Students’ Night Off. GIFS pulled out all the stops to get funnyman Jason Goliath to headline this year’s initiative.

Clients and learners logged in on an unseasonably chilly Friday night as Goliath didn’t disappoint. And it was easy to see why he’s able to get big laughs even while performing to his laptop camera in a Zoom session. When you’re good, you’re good!

Aside from his hysterical repertoire, Goliath’s theme was ‘finding your happy’. No matter what’s going on, go back to that one aspect that makes you happy. It’s simple but so effective. While the pandemic gave us respite from the rat race, we seem to be finding our way back to being work-obsessed with little regard for the simple stuff that bring us joy. Goliath drove home the point in his characteristically funny way.

Of course, GIFS wouldn’t stop with just Goliath. There were beautiful musical interludes courtesy of theatre sensation Kirsty van der Linde. People were jiving along at home as the saxophonist entertained them. You know there’s talent when the audience in an online show takes the time to type comments about how much they enjoyed the performance. And there was more. Musician and audio engineer Kirsten Hunneyball had the audience asking for more with her golden voice. The audience danced along at home as she belted out the hits.

GIFS’ noble call to action for the night: Use the power of Education to change the World.

Watch the funnyman sum up this key messaging in true Jason style:


17 November 2022