Extraordinary STI Corporate Athletes for the IST Graduate Programme

We are most honoured and excited to have four exemplary Corporate Athletes and STI innovators and trendsetters commit to sharing their insights with participants of the IST Graduate Programme!

Christelle Colman, Managing Director at Elite Risk, Micky Maharaj, Chief Operating Officer at Outsurance and Simon Colman, Business Head of Digital and Financial lines at SHA Risk Specialists within the specialist business unit at Santam, will address learners on 6 July.

They will share the lessons they have learnt and the winning strategies and habits of Corporate Athletes. They will speak about skills needed for outstanding business performance and discuss the importance of agility and change management.


The Corporate Athletes will highlight a culture that breeds success, and alert participants to the skills-sets needed for peak performance.


Participants can look forward to an engaging, insightful, and inspirational session on how to groom themselves to be physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually fit Corporate Athletes.


We are honoured to have these industry giants – leaders of extraordinary calibre – address the IST Graduate Programme participants.

01 July 2021