CEO’s message: You can’t lockdown hope

What a year. Who would have thought 2020 would deliver such disruption, devastation and upheaval on a global scale? From lockdowns to remote working/schooling/learning to staying apart so we can eventually be safe together, every one of us has experienced anxiety, fear, stress and exhaustion. But, we have also experienced South Africans’ trademark innovation, ingenuity, resilience, and courage!

In this spirit of togetherness, we remain passionately committed to creating a better Africa for all through a future-focused approach to education. This involves offering learners in the Financial Services space what we like to call “a humanised multi-disciplinary experience”, a combination of technology, smart education and personalised engagement. We look forward to sharing more of this with you in the new year.

In the meantime, as we slide towards the end-of-the-year, it’s worth remembering that:

Goals cannot be socially-distanced.
Hope cannot be locked-down.
Happiness cannot be quarantined.
Love cannot be sanitized.

From our green family to yours, we wish you peace and safety over the holidays, and a new year filled with hope, health and happiness.

Dr Kershen Pillay
CEO: The Graduate Institute of Financial Sciences (GIFS)

14 December 2020