SAQA 49929:

FETC Short Term Insurance Level 4

NQF Level 4 | NLRD ID: 49929

Who will benefit from the programme?

Participants are typically Financial Advisors who have been working in the capacity as reps for independent brokers or financial institutions. This course provides a framework for individuals to develop competencies that will give them insight into the Short-Term Insurance sub-sector.

Programme Structure

The curriculum is aligned to the Further Education & Training Certificate in Short-Term Insurance 49929 with a total credit value of 150 credits. The programme consists of Fundamentals (68 credits), Core (51 credits) and Electives (31 credits). This may vary based on the individual or company’s needs and is available in 30 credit skill blocks. The programme is presented via lectures, group discussions, case studies and role-plays at NQF Level 4.

Admission Requirements

The minimum entry requirements for admission are:

Articulation: Vertical articulation to National Certificate in Short-Term Insurance or Wealth Management at NQF Level.

To complete the programme successfully, and be awarded a certificate, learners must be found competent in all aspects of the summative assessment according to requirements listed in the relevant student handbook.


Assessment is both formative and summative and includes:

Occupational Group

Individuals employed in the Short-Term Insurance industry at this level may be Short-Term Intermediaries who advise on Short-Term insurance products, Internal Broker Consultants, Call Centre Operators, Personal Accident Administrators, Personal lines Administrators, Commercial Lines Administrators, Claims, Negotiators, Technicians or Assessors, Client Service Providers, Service Agents, Underwriting Agents, Product Developers, Motor Assessors, Reinsurers, Underwriters, Personal Assistants, Secretaries, Service Centre Staff, IT Systems Designers and Analysts in Short Term organisations or learners who work in Marketing Departments of Short-Term Insurers. They do work that requires an understanding of the Short-Term sub-sector within the context of the Financial Services industry and some specialisation in their selected career path. The work roles are in personal, commercial/business lines and specialised areas of business such as aviation, transportation (marine) and agricultural insurance. This qualification is intended for learners in personal lines and business/commercial lines insurance who advise on selected insurance products. It specifically excludes giving advice on the management of risk in commercial/business line.

Learning Outcomes