Class of Business (COB):

Programme details

GIFS provides high-calibre education, consistent monitoring, mentoring, coaching and professional development to ensure your academic and personal success is achieved in line with the FAIS compliance requirements. As one of Africa’s leading learning institution, we are committed to providing distinctive excellence.

Class of Business Training is relevant to all Financial Service Providers (FSP), Key Individuals (KI’s) and Reps for the classes of business that they are authorised or appointed for. FSP’s and Reps are required to complete Class Of Business prior to rendering any financial service/advice relevant to the particular financial products/products they are authorised or appointed to provide. KI’s must complete Class Of Business prior to managing or overseeing any financial service in respect of the Class Of Business they manage or oversee, and for they are approved to act as a KI.

As per Board Notice 194 of 2017, one of the training requirements is Class of Business Insurance Training.

Learners are registered for one of the following insurance classes based on their profiles: